Women Leaders Present their Proposals for final BBI Report

Women on BBI Report

Women leaders in Kenya have thrown their weight behind the BBI Report, though with several demands on the final report.

While presenting a list of recommendations to the BBI taskforce, the women leaders cited the need to ensure the final report achieves shared prosperity and impacts positively on the female gender.

According to the leaders, the proposals in the BBI report if properly internalized and implemented will result in greater achievements in the Big Four Agenda.

Nyokabi supports BBI

This, they say, will, in the long run, have a positive impact on the socio-economic livelihoods of the citizens, particularly the female gender and other marginalized groups in the county.

The women leaders have also termed the BBI Report’s recommendation that the President presents an annual report on the State of the Family during the State of Nation as laudable.

Key among the recommendations of the women leaders is that the state puts in place policies, programs and structures that will foster common and shared social values and ethics, proper parenting, family stability, and mentorship.

The leaders further propose that governments at the national and county levels do provide equitable access to capacities, financial resources, natural resources, public contracts, markets, land and property rights.

Though not present during the event, Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru says that she is in full support of the women agenda about the BBI Report.

The governments should provide business incubation and tax rebates to startups by women, youth and persons with disability as a mechanism and strategy of enhancing their capacity for income generation.

In order to enhance trust in public services, the leaders endorse the proposal that all public servants in all arms of Government be required by law to use public facilities and institutions.

Women on BBI Report

The Kenyan Women agree with the BBI representation of the Kenyans fears regarding their safety and security.

Their concern is that most of those who do not feel sufficiently safe and secure are women and children who mostly suffer from domestic terrorism as aptly described by the BBI.

The leaders feel that the Kenyan woman suffers most from the pains of the ethnically instigated civil strife that often uses them as objects of war.

The women leaders, therefore, would like all leaders to make deliberate efforts to do what it will take to restore security and safety in our nation.

women support BBI

The team also proposes that the two-thirds gender rule should be implemented as a foundation towards the realization of the 50:50 gender principle.

They recommend that the Republic of Kenya in the post-BBI Report implementation phase should adopt and implement the Proportional Electoral System in its electoral process.

This they say should be done at national and county levels as well as in the election and nomination of party candidates to the party lists at all levels.

women of Kenya Support BBI

According to the women leaders, the country should move away from the current electoral system of the winner take it all that has largely contributed to divisive and violent elections in every election cycle.

Concerning the much-debated Prime Minister post, the leaders recommend the re-introduction of sound and credible Posts of a Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister(s), and not a superficial post of Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister post in the BBI, they say, is characterized by several ambiguities and contradictions in terms of mandate, functions stature and remuneration.

They also recommend that Speakers and Deputy Speakers of the Senate, National Assembly and County Assemblies should be of the opposite gender.

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