Wezesha Kirinyaga: Changing Lives One at a Time

Wezesha Kirinyaga

Transforming the lives of Mwananchi lies at the very center of the devolution spirit.

However, the willingness to help Wanjiku live a better life is one thing.

The ability to identify the best ways to do so, and put them into practice appears not to be obvious in all the Counties.

Well, if you happen to your Kirinyaga, you will get a different story.

A story of a program dubbed Wezesha Kirinyaga, an empowerment program seeks to economically empower women and youth in the county.

The demand for poultry products continues to grow every day.

Poultry Keeping

Kirinyaga’s Wezesha program seeks to increase the production of eggs in the County to more than 1 million eggs in a month.

To achieve this, the County administration has constructed several poultry houses and delivered chicks to several residents.

The demand and the prices for locally produced eggs have been on the rise in recent months.

This is mainly attributed to the government’s tightening surveillance on illegal imports from Uganda, which had flooded the market.

With these loopholes on illegal imports sealed, Kirinyaga residents expect to real big from the Wezesha Program.

Hass Avocado Farming

The County Government has also distributed over 300,000 Hass avocado seedlings to residents under this self-reliance program.


Wezesha kirinyaga


Hass Avocado is a real new goldmine for modern farmers.

It is for this reason  are that many  Counties are insisting on Hass Avocado farming.

Being one of the most suitable growing areas in terms of climate, Kirinyaga is set to become one of the leading Hass Avocado producers in the region.

In addition, demand for avocado is currently high, both locally and in  European countries.

The prices currently range from Ksh. 30 to Ksh 35, and the prices are getting better with time.

One properly watered tree of hass avocado can give you 1,000 fruits a year, which comes to Sh8,000.

With the 300,000 Hass Avocado seedlings distributed in Kirinyaga, we are talking about possible returns of more than Ksh. 2.4 billion per year

Wezesha kirinyaga

The program has also seen farmers benefit from over 6,000 Macadamia seedlings distributed freely to Kirinyaga residents.


It is expected that in less than 3 years, these farmers will be harvesting their first fruit.

The County administration has also embarked on a Livestock Improvement program with free vaccines and treatment.

This program has benefited more than 125,000 farmers in Kirinyaga.

One would be right to say that Wezesha Kirinyaga is changing the lives of many Kirinyaga residents in the next few years.

Of all programs in the 47 Counties, this one is a program to watch.

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