Stop Everything and Go Home! Says Kisumu Governor Nyong’o

Anyang Nyongo

Kisumu Governor Prof. Anyang Nyong’o has this afternoon asked residents to take seriously the preventive measures regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at the County headquarters in Kisumu, Nyong’o says that it’s disturbing to see people conducting business as usual, especially open-air markets and other gatherings.

“Not withstanding the statement we gave last week regarding measures that all of us should take to avoid getting Corona Virus, it has come to our attention that some of us are continuing with business as usual,” says the Governor.

Nyong’o has maintained that all open-air markets which are still operating must be closed immediately.

All gatherings of all types are also not allowed in Kisumu. This includes gatherings in places of worship, chamas, weddings, bus parks, and funerals.

Nyon’o has also ordered the immediate closing of all funeral homes and mortuaries, whether private or public.

This means that family members will have to organize immediate burials for bodies lying at the mortuaries.

Again, these burials are only restricted to a few attendants, specifically family members who must not exceed 15 in number.

According to Governor Nyong’o, who is also the acting Health CEC, hospital mortuaries will only be used to keep bodies of inpatient cases, strictly for less than 48 hours before burial.

Nyong’o has warned that anybody going against these orders will be arrested and charged in a court of law for disobeying the public health act.

And if you are in any public gathering within Kisumu, you have until two o’clock this afternoon to go home or face the law.

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