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Prophet Owuor’s Rape Court Papers Published by Oklahoma District Court

Prophet Owuor Rape and Divorce Cases

For the last few months, damning revelations about ‘Prophet’ Owuor’s dark past have made him unleash a series of curses to all his critics and accusers.

Unlike several preachers in the holy books who always gave testimony about their past, Prophet Owuor guards his past with flaming swords.

Nobody is supposed to talk about his parents, nobody should dare mention that he was born in Goma.

A discussion about his divorce to Dawn Marie Owuor would attract ‘severe judgment’ characterized by targeted earthquakes and cancers.

We wanted to find out whether the said rape accusations leveled against the ‘mightiest prophet’ are factual. And this is what we found out:

Digitized Court Records

First, court records in the United States are almost fully digitized.

Legal professionals such as clerks, recorders and other information custodians utilize digitization to preserve original materials and to create accessible archives from paper documents, microfilm, microfiche, and other media.

This digitization makes it easier for online and walk-in patrons to research and save pertinent documents for a variety of projects ranging from genealogy to self-representation in court.

The purpose of all secure and reliable court archives is to assist government agencies in records management, to preserve documents of enduring value and to provide public access to information.

It is the very last purpose that actually works against Prophet Owuor. Why? Because court papers about his dark past are actually made available for all the public to see.

Dr David Owuor vs. Dr Hua Zhu

Dr Hua Zhu and Dr Owuor

In the month of September 2004, one Dr. Zhu sought money damages for injury caused by what she calls the negligent and wrongful acts or omissions of her former supervisor.

Dr Zhu sues the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States of America and Nicole Thi Vu, sued in her individual capacity as the former supervisor of Dr. Hua Zhu and Dr. David Owuor.

And here is the full story:

From August 2002 through January 16 2004, Dr. Zhu was employed initially as a Research Scientist (expert consultant) and later as a Senior National Research Council Associate of the National Academy of Science.

Dr. Zhu worked under her then supervisor, Dr. Nicole Thi Vu, a long-time FAA employee at that time, at the Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, in the office of the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute.

Dr. Owuor was one of Dr. Zhu’s co-workers, at that time a contract scientist.

On Wednesday, September 4, 2002, the supervisor directed a research project designed to develop a method of testing the degree to which human performance is impaired by alcohol in the blood.

Using human test subjects is specifically prohibited under FAA and CAMI regulations and policies without prior approval from the Institutional Review Board.

The supervisor did not obtain this.

She went forward with the experiment, which required Dr. Zhu and Dr. Owuor to consume alcohol on FAA premises, and then take their own blood samples for the purpose of determining the differential gene expression pattern at two stages of alcohol consumption.

The supervisor instructed Dr. Zhu and Dr. Owuor to conduct the experiment by themselves in the Supervisor’s office.

Dr. Zhu was required to consume three regular-sized bottles of beer, while Dr. Owuor was to take Vodka.

On the day of the experiment, Dr. Zhu and Dr. Owuor began taking alcohol inside the supervisor’s office. However, during the experiment, Dr. Owuor induced Dr. Zhu to drink more alcohol (Vodka) and thereafter sexually assaulted her right inside the office.

When the Supervisor returned to her office, she found Dr. Zhu lying on the floor, vomiting profusely and repeatedly, crying uncontrollably.

At this time, she was unable to sit up or move without assistance. She was also shivering and had difficulty opening her eyes.

The Supervisor, in an effort to cover up the whole drama, left Dr. Zhu in the office until all the other employees had left.

It is at this time that the Supervisor, with the help of Dr. Owuor, moved Dr. Zhu to a car that drove to the Supervisor’s house.

Dr. Zhu remained under the care of her Supervisor, still ill. A few days later, Dr. Zhu drove herself home, where she continued to be physically ill, vomiting profusely.

After Dr. Zhu returned to work, Dr. Owuor made repeated sexually explicit statements and invitations to her.

Dr. Zhu accuses the supervisor of using her position of authority to instruct her to be kind to Dr. Owuor and to even invite him for Thanksgiving dinner.

Further, the Supervisor repeatedly refused and blocked Dr. Zhu’s requests for assistance and requests to report the sexual assault and harassment to FAA officials.

The Court Papers

So how do you get access to these court proceedings?

Go to www1.odcr.com, an online premium repository with all papers for all court proceedings in Oklahoma.

You will be presented with a form that will be used to refine your search for the best results.

Prophet Owuor Rape and Divorce Case
How to obtain Prophet Owuor’s Rape and Divorce Court Papers

Ignore everything else and where you are required to give the names of the parties, just type Owuor, Edward in that order and Search.

After a few seconds, you have 2 cases related to the same man, the ‘mightiest prophet’.

The first one, case number FD-2003-4230 was filed on 08/06/2003. It’s in the Family and Domestic Proceedings category (the reason for the FD initials).

It’s a divorce case where ‘prophet’ Owuor is the respondent.


Prophet Owuor Rape and Divorce Cases

The second one, case number CJ-2004-7358 was filed on 09/03/2004 by Dr. Hua Zhu. Its a case in the Criminal Justice category (hence the CJ initials).

It’s a rape/sexual assault case where Dr. Zhu sues the State and her former employer, asking for monetary compensation.

By this time, Dr. Owuor had already fled the United States, made his way to Mexico and managed to fly back to Kenya, where he now serves as the ‘Mightiest Prophet from Heaven’.

You, however, have limited access to the scanned court documents, mainly because the site requires you to part with $50 per month for exclusive access.

Paying $50 would give you access to unlimited access to court images and the ability to download & print full case filings.

However, with or without your access to these images, it’s clear that ‘prophet’ Owuor has a lot of explaining to do about his past life.

And if you can part with the few dollars, these are the court papers that you will get:


Prophet Owuor Rape Charges 1
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges Exhibit 1
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges 2
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges Exhibit 2
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges 3
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges Exhibit 3
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges 4
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges Exhibit 4
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges 5
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges Exhibit 5
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges 6
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges Exhibit 6
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges 7
Prophet Owuor Rape Charges Exhibit 7
Prophet-Owuor-Divorce Case
Prophet Owuor vs Dawn Marie Owuor Divorce Case

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