Narok County Leadership geers up for BBI

Narok BBI Preparations

Governor Samuel Ole Tunai today led a host of Narok leaders in a consultative meeting in preparation for the Narok BBI meeting expected to take place in February.

Addressing the media after a closed-door meeting in Narok, the leaders who included four Members of Parliament and over thirty MCAs, announced a raft of issues that are of special interest to the Maa community and which they want addressed in the revised BBI report.

Narok County BBI Preparations

The issues identified include inclusivity in the national government, equitable sharing of revenue, resolution of historical land injustices, and provision of economic safeguards for farmers, particularly barley, wheat, beef and dairy farmers.

The leaders will also seek provisions to tackle youth employment.

Leaders at the Narok BBI preparatory meeting included Members of Parliament Gideon Konchelah, Gabriel Tongoyo and Ken Aramat, as well as over thirty MCAs led by Majority Leader Parsaloi Torome.

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