Makueni County Suspends Muguka & Miraa Chewing Joints

Kivutha Kibwana on Coronavirus

The County Government of Makueni has suspended all social gatherings such including muguka & miraa chewing joints in efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the County.

In an official press statement released to newsrooms, Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana says that all market days in the county have also been suspended with immediate effect.

“We are not targetting any business. But we are ready to incur economic losses but save the lives of our people from this pandemic,” said Governor Kibwana.

All public transport operators are also required to observe hygiene – with no touting and providing and washing facilities at the stages.

Just like several other counties, all public places in Makueni are required to have handwashing facilities with preferably liquid soap or use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

This means that people in charge pf market centers, shops, hotels, supermarkets, malls, places of work, public gyms, etc will be required to provide hand sanitizers to the visiting members of the public.

The County has however not suspended weddings and religious gatherings.

Funerals within Makueni will, however, have limited attendance, with close family members and other relatives encouraged to conduct lean burials.

The county administration, through the Governor, expressed its commitment to the training of community health volunteers to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Any coronavirus related incidence within Makueni can be reported through the dedicated hotline: 0790 777 756.

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