Sat. Jan 18th, 2020

Kirinyaga Tea farmers pursue alternative crops citing poor prices

Kirinyaga Tea farmers clearing tea bushes

Kirinyaga Tea farmers clearing tea bushes

A section of tea farmers in Kirinyaga have started clearing tea bushes from their farms to pursue alternative crops, citing poor prices of the crop for several years now.

According ti the farmers, things are not changing any soon, especially after KTDA released the rates for this year’s bonus payments.

“KTDA buys tea from farmers at 16/- per Kg and gives bonuses of 28/- per KG at end of year. They then auction the same tea at 235/- per Kg making insane profits.” says Mr. Njohi.

The situation is the same in other tea growing areas such as Kericho, Bomet and Meru.

Tea farmers clearing tea bushes
Tea farmers clearing tea bushes in Kericho

“Let brokers eat what they engineered. Farmers should not suffer any longer for problems created by selfish officials and brokers. I fully support the move.” says Samuel Onchoke. 

A section of farmers in Kericho and the surrounding are planning a meeting on October 10th at Sosiot.

The agenda of the meeting is only known to a few, but it is expected that tea farmers in the region will make a declaration on whether to remain with KTDA or seek an alternative.


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