COVID-19 Scare: All County Operations in Bungoma Suspended

Bungoma County Governor

Governor Wangamati has suspended all County operations in the County as part of the efforts to stop the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

According to Governor Wangamati, only the Departments of Health, Finance and Office of the Governor shall remain open from tomorrow Friday, March 20, 2020.

Speaking in Mabanga in a meeting that briefed senior officers of the Provincial Administration on a raft of measures to stave the threat of Coronavirus, Governor Wangamati said he had suspended all County operations except strictly essential services.

“Henceforth, unless otherwise called upon, all County employees in departments other than the three shall remain home,” Governor Wangamati directed.

Bungoma Governor on Coronavirus

The Governor also banned all market days in the County for the next 30 days.

Governor Wangamati said only markets serving small communities and neighborhoods will be allowed to operate.

Addressing a sitting that was also attended by the County Commissioner Dr. Abdi Hassan, Governor Wagamati also directed that any burials in the County take place in under 24 hours.

He also said such burials shall provide running water and soap to all those in attendance.

The Governor also suspended all church functions including weddings, night prayers, and crusades.

He called on the residents to remain vigilant, look out for coronavirus symptoms and seek immediate medical help from the nearest medical facility in need be.

Earlier on last Saturday, Deputy Governor Prof Charles Kibanani Ngome and Bungoma County Commissioner, Dr. Abdi Hassan inspected Lwakhakha one-stop border point to check for its readiness to screen for Coronavirus, a day after Kenya confirmed its first case.

Bungoma bordera

The two also inspected Lwakhakha Dispensary, the emergency room set aside to handle patients with symptoms of Covid-19 at the immigration office, the process of clearing arrivals and departures and other measures instituted to prevent transmission.

Addressing the residents of Lwakhakha, Prof. Ngome urged the public to practise high level of hygiene, avoid shaking of hands and public gathering of whatever kind.

Bungoma on Coronavirus

Governor Wangamati has severally called on the National Government to map Bungoma among Corona Virus high risk Counties.

Addressing the media at his office a day after the Country confirmed its first case of Coronavirus, Governor Wangamati noted that Bungoma’s proximity to and shared border with Uganda posed a critical danger and was something to think about and act fast on.

Governor Wangamati of Bungoma

“This way, we will ensure as a County, we have the right focus and are adequately prepared and equipped to handle any breakout,” he said.

In case of any suspicious case in Bungoma, members of the public are encouraged to use the two emergency lines (0755 83 88 35 and 0726 32 31 12).

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