Broody chicken attacks and kills six-month-old baby in Malava, Kakamega

brooding chicken

The hen was reportedly protecting her chicks in Shikokhwe village, Malava, Kakamega County, when the incident happened.

Robai Toboko, the baby’s mother, said her family has been thrown into mourning during the festive season.

Her son Hagai Bushuru was attacked by the hen while in her arms.

Toboko called for help from neighbors but efforts to resuscitate the baby proved futile and he was pronounced dead.

She said her son was in good health but collapsed after the attack.

“My baby was in my arms trying to get hold of one of its chicks when the hen attacked him,” Toboko told journalists adding that after the attack her baby cried for a while before he fainted.

Kakamega chicken kills child

There were no physical injuries on the baby’s body.

The killer chicken was slaughtered and its chicks killed. Villagers were skeptical about whether a cleansing ceremony will be conducted thereafter.

Just three months ago, a woman was killed after receiving a fatal peck from her pet rooster in a backyard chicken coop.

The victim died after she was attacked while collecting eggs in southern Australia.

The rooster punctured a varicose vein in the elderly lady’s body – causing her to bleed out.

Her name and age have not been revealed by the authorities to avoid causing her family further distress.

The shocking incident has now sparked a public warning about how “harmless animals” can still kill.

Adelaide University forensics expert Professor Roger Byard said another woman also died when a cat scratched her leg.


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